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The best aspect to demonstrate how far we went and where we are heading as a collective is non other than our economy.

Meet 5 of the 15% of Tech Board Seats Held by Women in Vietnam

Less than 15% of women are represented as CEOs or directors in the Vietnamese tech market. Many women frequently face challenges that lead them to leave their jobs at key stages of their careers. This issue has been explored in a previous BCG publication on diversity in Southeast Asia. Today, let’s meet five inspiring women who are shaking things up.

Women in Vietnam Tech - Closing the Gender Gap
Latest data on Women in Vietnam Tech

Low- and middle-income countries have lost 1 trillion USD in GDP over the past decade due to women’s exclusion from the digital world. This loss is expected to increase to 1.5 trillion USD by 2025 if no action is taken.

Make A SME Website in 2023 Guideline
Make A Website For Small Business in 2023

To discover how to create a website for a small business, read our simple and short guide. We’ll go over key design factors, practical resources, and how to launch your site.

How much does it cost to Build a Website?
How much does it cost to Build a Website 2023?

It costs $730 – $13,350 on average to build a standard website with an agency or freelancer. With a website builder, you might pay $0 – $540 monthly. In some cases, a website can be worth tens of thousands dollars…

Vietnam Information Technology industry in 2019 is booming

Vietnam’s population is approximately 95M, which has become better known as an important regional market for outsourcing software destination and …

“IT Warriors” in the war of COVID-19

Recently, the danger of COVID-19 has become an indispensable concern for businesses in different industries. Especially for the service sector, …

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