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What is SSL certificate? - Simple explanation for non-tech people

What is SSL certificate? – Simple explanation for non-tech people

What is an SSL certificate? Simply put, it’s a security measure that encrypts data transmitted between a web server and a browser. Whether you’re buying an SSL certificate or looking for a free one, it’s important to ensure the safety and protection of your website visitors.

By Hoang Dao , March 27, 2023
Branding Design - What’s A Branding Package Include? - Cost - Example

Branding Design – What A Branding Package Includes – Cost – Example

Branding package is a collection of offline and digital assets designed to establish your brand image, such as a brand logo, brand color, brand book, brand font, social presence, prints, mascots,… Each element in the package reflects a desired style that links all brand elements together and sends a consistent message across platforms. This is also known as brand identity design, branding elements design, visual identity, brand assets,…

By Hoang Dao , March 13, 2023
Color palette generator

Color palette generator tool – Create color scheme for your design

The following 4 Color palette generator websites will help you:
– Explore color palettes by theme
– Mix&match from the selected color
– Analyze colors from available designs
– Create multiple gradients 
Let’s check it out!

By Hoang Dao , March 9, 2023

Get Domain Name Ideas Instantly – Tips & Tools

How to choose a strong domain name? 7 tips to assist you in picking the best one!
– Start with .com, then .org; .net
– Be not exceeding 2–3 words
– Avoid using numbers and hyphens
– Stick to keywords with Google Keyword Planner
– Think about adaptation
– Use a domain name generator
– Top reputable domain registrars

By Hoang Dao , February 27, 2023
Burberry just change logo 2023

Burberry Reuse Logo – Fancy Or Cheesy?

Some people get sick when many brands “change their identities like changing clothes” every time they have a new Creative Director. Is Daniel Lee just trying to be different from his predecessor Riccardo Tisci?

By Hoang Dao , February 20, 2023
Make A SME Website in 2023 Guideline
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Make A Website For Small Business in 2023

To discover how to create a website for a small business, read our simple and short guide. We’ll go over key design factors, practical resources, and how to launch your site.

By Hoang Dao , February 13, 2023
2023 Graphic Design Trends

2023 Graphic Design Trends

What are the Graphic design trends in 2023? What is similar or different from previous years? This is a summary of 5 styles that are considered graphic design trends this year, including their concept, application and characteristics to identify them.

By Hoang Dao , February 9, 2023


3 bước bình chọn:
– Bước 1: Nhập mã xác minh được Ban tổ chức cung cấp.
– Bước 2: Nhấn “Vote” khi bạn đã chắc chắn về sự lựa chọn của mình.
– Bước 3: Nhấn “Reload” trang để tiếp tục bình chọn đến khi hết lượt.

By Hoang Dao , December 27, 2022
How much does it cost to Build a Website?

How much does it cost to Build a Website 2023?

It costs $730 – $13,350 on average to build a standard website with an agency or freelancer. With a website builder, you might pay $0 – $540 monthly. In some cases, a website can be worth tens of thousands dollars…

By Hoang Dao , November 17, 2022
You are being marginalized by technology

Bias in tech

According to USC, bias is in up to 38.6% of ‘facts’ used by AI. Some originate from unwanted algorithms, some from human behavioral bias. You must have encountered one of the situations below.

By Hoang Dao , November 10, 2022